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Designing your own space and visualising the final product can be challenging. E-décor is a convenient, individualised service created to fit your style, space and budget.

How It Works

• E-mail pictures of the room(s)to be styled and measurements, once we
establish the budget and direction of the design.
• We create and e-mail you the mood board which will enable you to visualise
the final product. You will be able to see all components in the room come together.
• We compile a shopping list that will guide you through your mood board, as
well as information on where to source each item.

DIY Decor Package

This service is designed for individuals who need décor advice but do not require a full service design project. Perhaps you enjoy the process of sourcing and
purchasing your own furnishings, but need a professional eye to make sure they all work well together. We develop your design scheme that you can implement at your own pace.

Included In This Package

• A consultation followed by a meeting, as well as a follow up email and
telephone support.
• A Mood Board to provide a clear idea of how your space will look – fabric,
furnishings, decor items, paint selection and colour scheme
• We will compile a shopping list for you (based on your budget) and where to
source the items


This package gives you an opportunity to tap into our knowledge and expertise.

Included In This Package

• An intense brainstorming session where I will assess your space and discuss
your hopes and aspirations for the space. This is to ensure maximum use of all
available space in an efficient and effective manner according to your needs and
• Suggestions on how your current pieces could be better used.
• Suggestions on additional items we think you should add to your home or
office space.
• Ideas on how we can incorporate new pieces to fit in with your current décor
and furnishings.
• A Concept Board Presentation. We’ll put together two presentation boards
that will provide more definite ideas; colour schemes to be used in the space,
furnishings, decor accessories, fabrics, etc.
• We will compile a shopping list for you based on the mood board you choose
and your budget, as well as do the shopping and installation for you.


From renovating out-dated kitchens and bathrooms to selecting new finishes, we
help you to completely re-envision your home. We work with you to select your
interior finishes from flooring, cabinets, counter tops, handles, sinks, taps, lights, etc.

We carefully note all your preferences for function, style, colours and price range
during an in-depth consultation.

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